The Plaza at Pebble Creek

Bringing Urban Lifestyle to the Mustang Community

The Plaza at Pebble Creek is located in the upscale Pebble Creek neighborhood in Mustang’s central business district. The Plaza’s unique motif includes aspects of quaint California village streets and projects a progressive urban style. The Plaza at Pebble Creek includes architecturally compatible buildings that contribute to an atmosphere that would benefit small boutique shops, bistro cafes, and office suites.

Designed to create a place for the community to gather, the Plaza includes out door seating, sidewalks, and beautiful landscaping. Surface textures, hardscape features and greenscapes create a comfortable promenade. City Bites, Orange Leaf, Papa Murphys, the Cleaners at Pebble Creek and Serendipity Salon currently occupy space in this cutting edge gathering place.

The Plaza at Pebble Creek - Crout Companies


The Plaza at Pebble Creek Property Info

Type/Status: Commercial / SOLD