Savannah Commons

Office Village

Thank you for your interest in Savannah Commons Office Village. We are conveniently located at SW 59th and Mustang Road, just minutes away from I-40 or the Kilpatrick Turnpike.

The Savannah Commons Office Village consists of 18 lots for class “A” professional office buildings. Each building owner is a member of a property owners association that maintains the upscale landscaping, common parking lot and exterior lighting. As you will notice, a few of the lots on the east side of the property overlook the beautiful Savannah Lakes ponds. Other lots are positioned around the main corridor and landscaped roundabout.

All buildings must meet strict design guidelines to assure the highest quality standards are maintained. Buildings may have their own unique architectural design, however, they will be required to use the same exterior building materials which can be found listed in the Covenants and Restrictions

You may purchase a site for construction of a new building, or we will build a building for you to either purchase or lease. Spaces in multi-tenant buildings will range in size from  square feet to 150  square feet to over 6,000 square feet and can be custom fit for your needs.

Please contact Sarah Kinnamon at the Crout Companies Offices at (405) 376-3704 for more information.

Savannah Commons Property Information

Type/Status: Commercial / Office Space

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